Commmercial Laundry Services

Too Much Laundry? We Can Help! 

Same Day Service: Bring it in the morning, and we’ll have it done later that evening.



Has your hotel been overbooked lately? Ultra Lavanderia can help with bedsheets, pillow cases, towels, and employee uniforms to keep your business on track.


Are you vacation rentals in need of laundry services? Have Ultra Lavanderia take care of washing your beach towels, bed sheets and any other laundry needs.


Ultra Lavanderia can help wash your employee uniforms, towels, and napkins. Focus on your guests, and let us take care of the laundry.
Come in today and check out one of our locations. We can wash, dry, and fold your personal laundry or complete any commercial laundry needs so you can focus on your business.

Mon – Fri: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 6:30 am – 10:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use your services?

Anyone is welcome to use our laundromat services. We have enough machine space for walk-ins and commercial laundry loads.

Can I use your machines for my businesses laundry?

Yes! We can do the washing for hotels, businesses,
and airbnbs to help you save time and energy.

How long does drop off laundry take?

Drop off your laundry in the morning, and we will have it washed and dried before that evening.

Where are you located?

We have several location is the Pasadena, TX area.
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More Services


We will wash your clothes or business’ uniforms or towels in our large facility full of clean machines.


We will dry your clothes for you! Take a load off by letting us do the work. Drop off clothes in the morning to be dry cleaned and pick them up later that evening.


We fold your clothes after we dry them here, with our large folding tables. We have enough room to complete all of you commercial laundry needs.
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Amei os serviços, o comprometimento e a responsabilidade que tiveram com as minhas cortinas, agora serei cliente fiel.
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Um ótimo atendimento, agilidade e serviço de excelência. Eu recomendo!
– Janeo
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– Ari
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Awesome Washateria. The biggest in Pasadena. Lots of big machines. Clean. Lots of big TV’s. Lots of folding tables. I recommend this laundry to everyone.
– Monty
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